From the Publisher

What I am grateful for this Christmas:  
    • An incredibly loving and understanding husband who tries his best to be completely involved in his children’s lives.  
    • A daughter that is so smart, articulate and has such a deep, beautiful soul that I wonder what I did to deserve her.
    • A son with a sense of humor to melt my heart and make me laugh every day.  
    • Friends that somehow just know when to send that note of encouragement and that I can share those completely inappropriate private jokes with.  

Complete your shopping list at Holiday Craft Sales

     Hand-crafted goods make wonderful gifts, but if your head throbs at the thought of finding time to summon your inner creative guru, you may want to rely on the skills of area artisans. There are oodles of talented folks just down the road who make gift giving as easy as a girlfriends outing to holiday craft sales.

Café Chocolate

Recipe courtesy of Tim Ristow, general manager of
Timber Lodge Steakhouse, Owatonna

Add to a favorite mug one-half
ounce each of:

Kahlua coffee liqueur
Bailey’s Irish cream
Creme de cacao chocolate liqueur
Grand Marnier orange flavored cognac
Chocolate flavored syrup

Top it off with coffee and add a dollop of
   whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate