Kristi Schuck and Marie Farley Christensen met under the worst of circumstances.

     Adrienne Sweeney always thought she would live in large cities, growing up in Philadelphia and attending college at Loyola University in Baltimore. Working in marketing, advertising and magazine design, she moved to Minneapolis in 1993, where she began acting.

     When Jodi Ohlsen Read started selling cheese in 1998, she covered the wheels in black wax - not to protect the flavor or preserve the shape, but because she wanted her cheese to look approachable.

    Like many of us in Minnesota, I had a lot of thoughts about Prince even before his death in April – but many were tucked deeper away in my head than I realized. At first, I was surprised by how much his death affected me.



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Destination Winona

     If you have been searching for a vacation spot that offers a little bit of everything, look no further than Winona, Minnesota.

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