More and more people across the United States are pulling their bicycles out of the garage and strapping on their helmets as the benefits of cycling become clearer: Improving your health, saving money and protecting the planet.

     Many are familiar with the top quality meats available at Lonsdale Country Meat Market. After 36 years of owning the market and 49 years in the business, Pat Wallin has certainly earned his reputation as a meat aficionado.

     For our Man Issue 2015, we asked four men from southern Minnesota to respond to questions about what it means to be a man. As they grew up, did they feel faced with certain calls of duty? What values or goals emerged, and did these values or goals change over time?

One day, 18 years ago, Jon Stagman and his friend, Grant Scheffert, decided to play a word association game to see if they could come up with a name for a business they were about to launch.



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